Dünengazelle Gazella leptoceros (F. Cuvier, 1842)


English: Slender-Horned Gazelle; French: Gazelle leptocère; Arabic: Thim, Riehm, Ghazal, Abiad; Kirundi: Intaramvyi; Tuareg: akukri.

Former distribution: Northern Africa from Algeria, central Sahara to Sudan and Egypt.
Present distribution: Restricted in desert regions of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Chad.
Behaviour: See Damagazelle
Population status: Endangered. Estimated numbers: No records.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 20-30 kg
Head and body length: 100-110 cm
Tail length: 15-20 cm
Shoulder height: 65-72 cm
Gestation period: 156-169 days
Maximum age: 14 years
Trophy: Record RW’s: 16 1/4″, Egypt, H.H. PRINCE YOUSSOUF KAMAL; average 13″.
Hunting methods: Formerly on horseback, with dogs, eagles and falcons. Now protected by law.
Remarks: The Rhim or Loder’s gazelle is very little known in the wild. 12 specimens have been kept in zoos in USA since 1971; more information required on distribution and population status.