Edmi-Gazelle Gazella cuvieri (Ogilby, 1841)


English: Edmi; French: Gazelle de Cuvier; Arabic: Edmi, Admi, Edem.

Former distribution: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia.
Present distribution: Restricted in Tunisia between Fariana and Thala, in Benslimane between Algeria and the Morocco frontier.
Behaviour: See Damagazelle
Population status: Endangered. Estimated numbers: Morocco: 400; Algeria: 200-300; Tunisia: 100.
Brief notes: See Echtgazelle
Trophy: Record RW’s: 14 7/8″, Algeria, G.K. WHITEHEAD Museum; average 12″.
Hunting methods: Formerly on horseback, with dogs, eagles and falcons.
Remarks: Decline due to uncontrolled hunting, destruction of habitat by reforestation, overgrazing by domestic livestock. Protected by law since 1939, and hunting prohibited since 1956. Habitat management is improving in the three countries concerned.