Moorantilope oder Litschi Kobus leche (Gray, 1850)


English: Lechwe; French: Cobe Lechwe; Afrikaans: Rooi-lechwe; Chibisa: Mumembi; Marotsi: Lechwe; Nganguela: Ntsonge

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: In restricted areas in southern Angola, Caprivi Strip in Namibia, in Botswana in the Okawango swamps and Chobi National Park; Zambia in the Busanga plains, Victoria Falls and Kafue flats; southern Zaire. Introduced into Cape Province and Orange Free State in South Africa.
Behaviour: See Wasserbock
Population status: Vulnerable. Estimated numbers: Appr. 90 000.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 100-130 kg
Head and body length: 160-180 cm
Tail length: 35-45 cm
Shoulder height: 90-110 cm
Gestation period: 7-8 months
Maximum age: Up to 15 years
Trophy: Record SCI (Kobus l. leche): 73 5/8 score, 1984 Botswana, VINCENT E. CUCCI jr.; average 58 score. RW’s: 35″, Botswana, British Museum (Selous); average 26″. CIC: 173.15 points, Zambia, N.A. NWENYA; average 140 points.
Hunting methods: Stalking, by boat.
Subspecies: 3
1. Red Lechwe Kobus l. leche Southern Angola, southern Zaire, Caprivi Strip in Namibia, Chobe river in Botswana. Estimated numbers, 1976: 30 000. Stable. Introduced into USA, Texas.
2. Kafue Lechwe Kobus l. robertsi (= syn. kafuensis) Kafue in southern Zambia.
Estimated numbers 1976: 40 000. Stable. Trophy: Record SCI: 87 5/8 score, Zambia, THORNTON N. SNIDER; average 70 score. RW’s: 37″, Zambia, T. SNIDER; average 30″.
3. Black Lechwe Kobus l. smithemani Northern Zambia, Bangweolo Lake.
Estimated numbers 1976: 24 000. Stable. Trophy: Record SCI: 69 3/8 score, 1985 Zambia, ARNOLD ALWARD; average 54 score. RW’s: 31 1/2″, 1974 Zambia, M. JAHR; average 22″. CIC: 142.30 points, 1980 Zambia, P. CAINE; average 140 points.
Remarks: The Lechwe population is increasing, with the exception of the populations in Angola and Zambia. Only the males carry horns.