Zebraducker Cephalophus zebra (Gray, 1838)


English: Zebra Duiker; French: Céphalophe Zebre.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From western Sierra Leone east to central Liberia and south-western Ivory Coast.
Behaviour: See Rotflankenducker
Population status: Rare?
Brief notes:
Body weight: 15-20 kg
Head and body length: 85-90 cm
Tail length: About 15 cm
Shoulder height: 40-50 cm
Gestation period: 120 days
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: Record SCI: 12 score, 1985 Liberia, DR. JIM CONKLIN. RW’s: 1 7/8″ Liberia, British Museum (Buttikofer); average 1″.
Hunting methods: With beaters, dogs, nets and from a hide.
Remarks: Predators include leopards, civets and pythons. Zebra Duikers are very little known; more information required on distribution and population status.