From the Interactive System in the Museum to the World Wide Web


At the FEHOVA exhibition in Budapest I had a conversation with a friend of mine, Hidvégi Béla, about the exhibition to be opened in the Forestry Museum of the University of West Hungary. “I would like to create an educational system” Béla added, “which tells the university students and the visitors about the history, activities, philosophy and reward system of Safari Club International (SCI, the world’s biggest hunting club) and Grand Slam Club Ovis (GSCO, a world organisation comprising mountain hunters) with the help of a sort of touch-screen computer system…”
The idea was followed by acts and great efforts. The interactive system of the museum was up and running by the opening of the summer exhibition with three touch screens and a large LCD screen.
When creating this interactive platform, it occurred to us that we must enhance this system, which is one of a kind in the world. The idea was born how to create the social networking site comprising hunters around the world and make it available to anyone interested in hunting, the huntable species and the operation of various hunting clubs.
Following the exhibition in Sopron, the development lasting for almost a year and a half began and the social networking site for hunters, was launched in 2014. is based on four pillars. You can get acquainted with the world’s major hunting clubs, their foundation, history, operation and reward system.
  1. We introduce the world’s huntable big game species, their zoological, anatomical features and their habitat shown on a map. At the species listed in SCI Record Book, we display the measuring methods together with the size of the given species or subspecies needed to win a gold, silver or bronze award.
  2. Every individual user can keep electronic records of their own hunts on the website. You can add each huntable species or subspecies to your trophy list if you have already taken them. You can specify the time, place, method (gun, bow, calibre, type of munition, etc.), number of trophies taken (if you had already taken more individuals of the given species). In addition, field photos and videos recorded at the hunt can be uploaded and your experience gathered during the hunt can be described. All of these are summarised in a table on the site, for the sake of simplicity: the number of species taken and the number of trophies from each species.
  3. After compiling the list of our trophies, we show what rewards you can get with your achievement at the two major hunting organisations of the world, at Safari Club International (SCI) and Grand Slam Club Ovis (GSCO), if you register your trophies officially at these organisations.
  4. The fourth pillar is the system’s function as a social networking site itself. When you have uploaded the list of your trophies, actually, you have created your own profiles, since each hunter has a collection of different numbers of trophies and species. This profile can be shared with your friends and acquaintances. In the privacy settings you can tailor your profile to your needs and set the content you would like to show to other people.
In the BLOG platform, you can share your recently gained experience straight away with your friends wherever you are.
For instance, after a successful pheasant or rabbit hunt, you take a field photo with your smartphone, which you can immediately post to the site and users who follow you can see our recent experience on their timeline without delay. Or if in an Alaska moose hunt an attendant captures your hunt, you can share it with your friends, family members the same day, by uploading the field photo of the new trophy with the help of Internet access provided by satellites.
In our system, you may also exchange private messages in the chat platform. Moreover, if you see that one of your friends is online and has signed in to, you can make Internet phone calls and chat with him for free wherever he is.
In addition to individual memberships, organizations, communities and clubs related to hunting and environmental protection can sign up and set up their profiles. Organisations, distributors and companies dealing with hunting culture, education and trade are welcome on our website. We collect and make available the written and online hunting journals, news portals, which provide us with valuable information day by day on topics related to hunting. Hunting areas, organisations, forestries and companies offering hunts can introduce themselves.
I am convinced that the platforms provided by social networking sites will be (or rather they have already been) the primary communication channels of the 21st century. We believe that HUNTING and HUNTERS deserve their own social networking site of an exclusively professional nature.
We trust we have managed to create a platform where the hunters of the world can share their experience, exchange opinions and learn from each other.
Currently, our site is available in five languages (Hungarian, English, German, Spanish and Italian). Its development has not come to a halt yet. As soon as 2014, a lot of new applications will be launched, which help hunters to stay informed, widen their knowledge and hunting organisations, companies, producers to communicate fast and effectively.
Csaba Fegyver