Bergriedbock Redunca fulvorufula (Afzelius, 1815)


English: Mountain Reedbuck: French: Redunca de montagne; Afrikaans: Rooi Ribbok; Amharic: Behor; Kiswahili: Tohe; Voruba: Angoro; Zulu: Inhlangu

Former distribution: From Cameroon east to southern Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, south to the Cape Province in RSA.
Present distribution: In restricted areas of northern Cameroon, northern Tanzania, southern Ethiopia, eastern Uganda, southern Mozambique; South Africa: Transvaal, Natal, Orange Free State and the Cape Province; also in southern Botswana.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: dry, grass-covered rocky hills and mountains up to 4200 m, in the vicinity of water. For all other data, see Großriedbock
Population status: Stable.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 20-30 kg
Head and body length: 110-125 cm
Tail length: 17-26 cm
Shoulder height: 60-80 cm
Gestation period: 7 3/4 months
Maximum age: 12 years
Trophy: Record SCI: 29 4/8 score, RSA, Cape Province, FRED RADEMEYER; average 20 score. RW’s 11 1/2″, 1979 Botswana, G. ELIAS; average 6″. CIC: 86.60 points, 1969 Ethiopia, H.I.H. PRINCE ABDORREZA; average 75 points.
Hunting methods: Stalking, with trackers.
Subspecies: 2
1. Redunca f. folvorufula Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique, Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia. Stable.
2. Redunca f. chanleri South-eastern Sudan, south-western Ethiopia, Kenya, northern Tanzania. Stable.
Remarks: ANSELL (1972) recognized 3 subspecies; R.f. adamanae in Cameroon, R.f. chanleri in East Africa, and R.f. fulvorufula in South Africa. Here only 2 subspecies are listed.