Braune Hyäne Hyaena brunnea (Thunberg, 1820)


English: Brown Hyena; French: Hyène brune; Afrikaans: Strandwolf, Strandjut; Damara: hiras; Herero: Mbungu ekundi; Kung: !Hau, gheu; Kwanyama: Embunqu; Iswana: Chiritshwana; Ovambo: Imbungu; Sindebele: Mpisi; Sotho: Sephiribjokwane, Phiripjokkwane; Tswana: Phiri, Leilongnana; Xhosa: Inchuka; Zulu: Isidawana.

Former distribution: Throughout southern Africa i.e. Malawi, Zimbabwe, Southern Angola, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa to the Cape.
Present distribution: As formerly, but fewer in most of their former range, especially in South Africa: today only in the Transvaal and Orange Free state.
Behaviour: See Fleckenhyäne
Population status: Vulnerable; rare. Estimated numbers: no records. The Brown Hyenas are decreasing everywhere, except where protected in national parks and game reserves.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 40-55 kg
Head and body length: 110-130 cm
Tail length: 25-35 cm
Shoulder height: 70-85 cm
Gestation period: 3 months
Maximum age: 13 years in captivity
Trophy: Skull length 27 cm
Hunting methods: Driving, with beaters, to a bait, on horseback, with traps.
Remarks: The main reason for the decrease is persecution by man to avoid heavy losses to livestock.