Brauner Mazama Mazama gouazoubira (G. Fischer, 1814)


English: Brown Brockett; French: Daguet brun; Argentina: biracho, sacha cabra, guasuncho; Brazil: veado catingueiro, veado vira, virote y guasú catuiga, nambibororoca; Guarani: guazú-bira.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From Mexico to central South America and Argentina.
Behaviour: See Roter Mazama, but in more open landscapes and not close to water.
Population status: Stable.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 17 kg
Head and body length: No records
Tail length: No records
Shoulder height: 45-61 cm
Gestation period: 206 days
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: No records
Hunting methods: With dogs.
Subspecies: 10
Remarks: See Roter Mazama, subspecies and remarks