Calamian-Hirsch Axis calamianensis (Heude, 1888)


English: Calamian Deer; French: Cerf de Culion; Philippine: Pilandoc (this name is also used in Balabac for the Mouse Deer).

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Calamian (= Culion) Island, Palawan Archipelago, west of the Philippines.
Behaviour: See Schweinshirsch
Population status: Vulnerable.
Brief notes: Very little known.
Hunting methods: Stalking, from a hide, with dogs.
Remarks: One specimen was given to the British Museum by the DUKE OF BEDFORD in 1905. The trophy measurements acc. to the Rowland Ward system are: 9 7/8″, 1975 Culian Island, G.K. WHITEHEAD.