Dingo Canis I. familiaris dingo (Meyer, 1793)


English: Dingo; French: Dingo.

Former distribution: Australia.
Present distribution: In restricted regions in Australia, introduced into Malaysia, Thailand and Burma.
Behaviour: See Rothund
Population status: Endangered. Estimated numbers: no records.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 15-20 kg
Head and body length: 150 cm
Tail length: 35 cm
Shoulder height: 50 cm
Gestation period: 63 days
Maximum age: Up to 14 years in captivity
Trophy: no records.
Hunting methods: On horseback, with dogs, traps.
Remarks: Dingos are descendants of tamed members of the genus Canis; Dingo history is not yet clear; some authors suggest that they are descendants of the Indian Wolf, Canis l. pallipes, and some taxonomists believe that the Dingo is only a feral domestic dog. Dingos in Australia are heavily persecuted due to their attacks on domestic sheep.