Rothund Cuon alpinus (Pallas, 1811)


English: Red Dog or Dhole; French: Le Dhole, Dhole; Bahasa-Java: Ajag, Asu alac; Bahasa-Sunda: Ajag; Burmese: to kway; Chinese: Cai; Gujarati: kol kutta; Hindi: bheriya, hundar; Indonese: serigala; Himalay region: bhaosa, bhoonsa, buansu; Kanarese: kadu nai, chira nai; Kashmiri: ramkun; Marathi: Jungali Kukur; Russian: Krasni vock; Sundanese: serigala; Tamil: chen nai, kattu nai, cennuay; Telegu: reza kutta; Thai: Maa-Nai; Tibetan: Khi-Chaang, sidda ki.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: In the USSR in East-Turkestan, southern Siberia, Mongolia, Amur-Ussuri region, Sachalin, Korea, north and west China, south Xizang (Tibet) and India. In the Indo-Malayan region in Burma, North Vietnam, Sumatra and Java and South India in the Nilgiri Mountains.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: woodlands, mountains; activity both diurnal and nocturnal. Hunting in large groups small and big game, (even attacking tigers, leopards, black bears, sloth bears, gaurs, banteng and water buffalos) normal prey will be wild sheep, deer, ibex, wild pigs and plant material.
Population status: Rare, endangered in USSR.
Brief notes:
Bodyweight: 15-25 kg
Shoulder height: 40-55 cm
Head and body length: 85-110 cm
Tail length: 40-45 cm
Gestation period: 60 days
Maximum age: 12-15 years
Trophy: Skull CIC: 31.9 points.
Hunting methods: On a kill, traps.
Subspecies: 9, 4 Holarctic region, 5 Indo-Malayan region
1. East Asian Dhole Cuon a. alpinus USSR; eastern Turkestan to southern Siberia, Amur-Ussuri region, Mongolia, Sachalin, Korea and northern and western China. Rare, endangered in USSR.
2. West Asian Dhole Cuon a. hesperius Eastern Pamir, Tienshan and Tarbagatei Mountains in China. Endangered.
3. Kashmir Dhole Cuon a. laniger Kashmir and southern Xizang (Tibet). Endangered. Trophy: No records.
4. Himalayan Dhole Cuon a. primaevus Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan. Endangered. Trophy: No records.
Indo-Malayan region
5. Nilgiri Dhole Cuon a. dukhunensis India, south to the Nilgiri mountains. Endangered.
6. Burma Dhole Cuon a. adustus Northern Burma and northern Thailand, northern Laos and northern Vietnam. Rare.
7. Tenasserim Dhole Cuon a. infuscus Tenasserim and southern Thailand. Rare.
8. Sumatra Dhole Cuon a. sumatrensis Malaysia und Sumatra. Rare.
9. Java Dhole or Adjak Cuon a. javanicus Java. Endangered.
Remarks: Reasons for decline include illegal hunting, loss of habitat by human population and cultivation, and consequent reduction of prey. Dholes are protected by law in all countries concerned. The classification is doubtful and must be reconfirmed.