Gebirgs- or Zwerganoa Bubalus quarlesi (Ouwens, 1910)


English: Mountain Anoa; French: Anoa nain; Sulawesi (Celebes) native names: Anoeang, Sapi Oetani, Boeoeloe Toetoe.

Former distribution: All mountain regions of Sulawesi (Celebes).
Present distribution: South-eastern Peninsula, Toradja highlands and the central mountains of Sulawesi.
Behaviour: See Tamarau
Population status: Endangered.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 200 kg
Head and body length: About 150 cm
Tail length: 20-25 cm
Shoulder height: 70 cm
Gestation period: 276-315 days
Maximum age: 20-25 years
Trophy: No records
Hunting methods: Protected by law.
Remarks: More information required on behaviour, population status and distribution. 30-40 in captivity; only 3 males and 3 females are known to be pure bred.