Hirschferkel Hyemochus aquaticus (Ogylby, 1841)


English: Water Chevrotain; French: Chevrotain aquatique; Fouladou: Jabayel; Igbo: ene; Yoruba: ise.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From Guinea west to Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, northern and eastern Zaire.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: dense rain forests, along rivers, streams and other water courses. They live singly or in pairs, and are active at night; diet includes fruits, seeds and herbs, sometimes fish and carrion; they are good swimmers: predators include leopards, african civet and golden cat, pythons and crocodiles.
Population status: Vulnerable.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 8-13 kg
Head and body length: 60-80 cm
Tail length: 10-15 cm
Shoulder heigth: 30-40 cm
Gestation period: 6-9 months
Maximum age: 10-14 years
Trophy: Upper canines, no records.
Hunting methods: With beaters and by natives with dogs.
Remarks: Water Chevrotain carry no antlers or horns, but the upper canines of males build up tusks like those of musk deer. Very little is known about their biology and behaviour. More investigation required.