Kaffernbüffel Syncerus caffer (Sparrmann, 1779)


English: African Buffalo; French: Buffle d’Afrique; Afrikaans: Buffel; Amharic: Gosh; Bambara: Sigo; Banda-Linda: Agoa; Basari: Fèrèmè; Bila: Njali, Nzali; Damara: !gaos! b; Ewondo-Bet: Nyad; Fouladou: Eda rabba; Ful: Eda, Edda; Gbaya: yere, nam; Hausa: Bauna; Herero: Onjati; Igbo: Atu; Iswana: Nare; Kikondo: Mpakasa; Kikuyu: mbogo; Kiluba: Mboo; Kiladi: Mpakassa, Ngombe; Kirundu: imbogo; Kiswahili: Mbogo, Nyati; Kung: Hau, ikxii, =kao, Ikao, cao; Kwanyama: onyati; Lozi: Nali; Maasai: olaro; Manza: Yer e; Nganguela: Mpulu, Ipahasa; Ovambo: Njashi; Punu: pasa; Sango: ngba, gôgua, guagua, gagaru; Shangan: Nyari; Shona: Nyati; Sindebele: Nyathi; Teke: Ndzayi; Wolof: Nagu aale; Xhosa: Inyathi; Yoruba: efon; Zulu: Inyathi

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: South of the Sahara, from the Sudan to the Cape Province.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: rain and secondary forests, dense reeds, swamps, savannas and grassy plains in low and mountanous regions up to 4000 m; they are gregarious and sometimes live in herds of up to several thousands; old and young bulls very oft en form small bachelor herds; main activity is at twilight and by day. Buffalos are grazers but they also browse leaves and herbs, and have to go to water once a day. Predators include lions, hyenas and crocodiles.
Population status: Stable. Estimated numbers: no records.
Syncerus c. caffer
Brief notes:
Body weight: 700-900 kg
Head and body length: 210-300 cm
Tail length: 75-120 cm
Shoulder height: 110-150 cm
Gestation period: 340 days
Maximum age: 16-20 years
Trophy: Record SCI: 139 1/8 score, 1973 Kenya, DR. KARL FLICK; average 100 score. RW’s: 121 1/8 points, 1946 Tanzania, M.H. CABRERA; average 91 points. CIC: 351.80 points, Mozambique. N.N.; average 230 points.
Syncerus c. aequinoctialis
Brief notes:
Body weight: 500-600 kg
Head and body length: 150-200 cm
Tail length: 60-90 cm
Shoulder height: 120-150 cm
Trophy: Record SCI: 107 3/8 score, 1961 Sudan, CHARLES BAZZY; average 80 score. RW’s: 93 1/8, 1961 Sudan, DUKE DE PENARANDA; average 70 points. CIC: 231.85 points, R.C.A.M. VUILLISZ; average 200 points.
Syncerus c. nanus
Brief notes:
Body weight: 250-320 kg
Head and body length: 140-180 cm
Tail length: 60-90 cm
Shoulder height: 100-120 cm
Trophy: Record SCI: 61 4/8, 1966 Angola, DR. CARLO CALDESI. 32 1/8 points, 1974 Cameroon, W. GICHRIST. CIC: 155.60 points, Angola, N.N.; average 130 points.
Hunting methods: Stalking.
Subspecies: 3
1. Syncerus c. caffer Ethiopia, southern Somalia, south to South Africa, Angola and Namibia. Stable.
2. Syncerus c. aequinoctialis Mauretania, Senegal east to Sudan. Stable.
3. Syncerus c. nanus Rain forest regions of West Africa from Gambia to Zaire and northern Angola. Stable.
Remarks: Between all 3 subspecies mixed forms are known. Drastic losses take place in some areas due to Rinderpest and foot-and-mouth disease.