Kirk-Dik-Dik Madoqua kirki (Gunther, 1880)


English: Kirk Dik Dik; French: Dik-Dik de Kirk; Afrikaans: Damara dik dik; Damara: !hauib; Herero: Okatini; Kikuyu: Thuni; Kiswahili: Suguya, Dikidiki; Maasai: Eronko; Ovambo: Okabundja; Turkana: Ethuro.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From south Kenya to Tanzania and south-western Angola to northern, Namibia.
Population status: No records from East Africa and Angola. Stable in Namibia.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 5-6 kg
Head and body length: 60-77 cm
Tail length: 4-6 cm
Shoulder height: 35-45 cm
Gestation period: 169-174 days
Maximum age: 3-4 years, 9 1/2 years in captivity
Trophy: Record SCI: 12 2/8 score, 1982 Tanzania, WILLIAM W. DODGSON V; average 8 score. RW’s: 4 1/2″, 1972 Tanzania, J. JOSCH; average 2 1/2″.
Hunting methods: Stalking.
Subspecies: 7 acc. to HALTENORTH, DILLER 1977
Remarks: All subspecies are omitted here; the classification system is incorrect and a revision needed.