Kleiner roter Mazama Mazama rufina (Bourcier and Pucheran, 1852)


English: Little Red Brockett; French: Daguet rouge nain; Brazil: mao-curta; Ecuador: socho; Guarani: bororo; Portugese: Veado mateiro, veado pardo y guasúpara; Spanish: Conzua chica; Venezuela: Locho.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela south to Brazil, northern Argentina and northern Paraguay.
Behaviour: See Roter Mazama
Population status: Stable.
Brief notes: Very little known.
Hunting methods: With dogs.
Subspecies: 2, Mazama r. bricenii and Mazama r. nana. Stable.
Remarks: See Roter Mazama, subspecies and remarks