Maxwellducker Cephalophus maxwelli (Hamilton-Smith, 1827)


English: Maxwell’s Duiker; French: Céphalophe de Maxwell; Achande: Muvru; Bambara: Nkokunan, Manunkalan; Banda-Linda: Mbelé; Fid: Ku-beyel; Igbo: mgbada; Yoruba: Ekulu, etu.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone east to western Nigeria.
Behaviour: See Rotflankenducker
Population status: Rare.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 8-10 kg
Head and body length: 70-90 cm
Tail length: 8-10 cm
Shoulder height: 35-40 cm
Gestation period: 4 months
Maximum age: 10 years
Trophy: Record SCI: 8 3/4 score, 1984 Liberia, BETH JONES LEVITZ. RW’s: 2 5/8″, Sierra Leone, L.J. JONES; average 1 1/4″.
Hunting methods: With beaters, dogs, nets.
Subspecies: ANSELL (1972) lists 3 subspecies, C.m. maxwelli, C.m. lowei and C.m. liberiensis.
Remarks: The classification of the Maxwell’s Duiker is not clear; some authors, (HALTENORTH, DILLER 1977) note C. maxwelli as Subspecies of C. monticola. A revision is needed; the subspecies are therefore omitted here.