Mongolische Gazelle Procapra gutturosa (Pallas, 1777)


English: Mongolian Gazelle; French: Gazelle de Mongolie; Chinese: Mongu-hiang-yang; Mongolian: Zeer, Zagan Zeer; Russian: Dseren, Jeren.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Northern Xinziang Province and western Nei Monggol Province in China, Dsungarei and Inner Gansu (Kansu), southern Mongolia, USSR, Altai region.
Behaviour: See Kropf-Gazelle
Population status: Stable. Estimated numbers: Mongolia: 700 000 acc. to BUYANDELGER 1988, pers. comm; China: 1 500 000.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 35-50 kg
Head and body length: 125-150 cm
Tail length: 8-12 cm
Shoulder height: 60-76 cm
Gestation period: Probably 5 1/2 months
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: Record SCI: 36 4/8 score, 1981 Mongolia, JAMES A. HERING, average 20 score. RW’s: 13 3/4″, Altai USSR, Sir EDMUND G. LODER; average 10″.
Hunting methods: Stalking on horseback and camel, with dogs, with beaters and eagles.
Subspecies: 2
1. Procapra g. gutturosa Eastern range of distribution areas. Stable.
2. Procapra g. altaica Western range of the distribution area. Stable. Trophy: Record SCI: 31 score, 1981 Mongolia, FRED CLARK; average 18 score.
Remarks: A.G. BANNIKOV (1966), confirms only 1 species, P.g. gutturosa, and not P.g. altaica. Fortunately these Mongolian Gazelle are well managed by Mongolian and Chinese Game Councils and are now out of danger. The main predator is the wolf.