Okapi Okapia johnstoni (Sclater, 1901)


English: Okapi; French: Okapi; Native name: okapi.

Former distribution: As now?
Present distribution: The Congo rain forest, Uelle, Ituri, Aruwimi region.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: dense rain forest: activity diurnal; they live singly or in pairs and feed on leaves, seeds, plants und forest fruits. Predators: hyenas, leopards, and crocodiles.
Population status: Stable. No records.
Brief notes:
Body weight: Up to 250 kg
Head and body length: Up to 210 cm
Tail length: 30-40 cm
Shoulder height: 150-165 cm
Gestation period: 440 days
Maximum age: 15-20 years in captivity.
Trophy: Horn length: no records.
Hunting methods: By natives. Protected by law.
Remarks: The Okapi was known to the scientific world in 1900; this demonstrates their timidity in the dense tropical rain forests of the Congo.