Ostkaukasischer Tur Capra cylindricornis (Blyth, 1841)


English: East Caucasian Tur; French: Tur du Caucase oriental; Caucasus: abg-ab, abg-adshma; Russian: Tur, Dagesttansskij Tur.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Central and eastern chain of the Caucasian Mountains.
Behaviour: See Spanischer Steinbock
Population status: Stable. Estimated numbers: 10 000, acc. to CIC Ibex Symposium, 1984.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 60-100 kg
Head and body length: 130-140 cm
Tail length: 12-15 cm
Shoulder height: 80-100 cm
Gestation period: 150-160 days
Maximum age: 22 years
Trophy: Record SCI: 182 4/8 score, 1978 USSR, eastern Caucasus, JOE KULIS; average 130 score. RW’s: 32″, 1981, USSR, eastern Caucasus, C. MIDCAP; average 11″.
Remarks: Predators include wolves and lynxes. Rinderpest depleted the species drastically at the beginning of the 19th century. Great competition occurs due to domestic cattle, sheep and goats, but in general they are well managed and safe.