Przewalski-Gazelle Procapra przewalskii (Buchner, 1891)


English: Przewalski’s Gazelle; French: Gazelle de Przewalski; Chinese: Zang-huang-yang.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: China; from northern Qinghai Province (Tsinghai) the Nan San region to northern Gansu (Kansu) Province into the north-western Province of Nei Monggol.
Behaviour: See Kropf-Gazelle
Population status: Stable.
Brief notes: No records.
Trophy: Record RW’s: 12 1/2, 1913 China, G. FENWICK-OWEN; average 7″.
Hunting methods: Stalking on horseback and camels, with dogs, beaters and eagles.
Remarks: The Przewalski’s Gazelle is very little known; information on population status and distribution as well as behaviour are required. Predators are wolves.