Riesen-Elenantilope Taurotragus derbianus (Gray, 1847)


English: Giant Eland; French: Eland de Derby; Azande: Boja; Ful: Kemmba; Gbaya: gbin.te; Kakwa: Bobo; Madi: Matiko; Yoruba: otolo.

Former distribution: From Senegal east to the Sudan.
Present distribution: Eastern Senegal?, south-eastern Guinea, south-eastern Mali, northern Ivory Coast, southern Burkina Faso, northern Ghana, northern Togo, northern Benin, southern Niger, north-western Nigeria, northern Cameroon, southern Chad, northern Central African Republic, south-western Sudan and north-eastern Zaire.
Behaviour: See Elenantilope
Population status: Vulnerable. Estimated numbers: no records.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 600-1000 kg
Head and body length: 250-350 cm
Tail length: 60-90 cm
Shoulder height: 150-180 cm
Gestation period: 9 months
Maximum age: 25 years
Trophy: Record SCI: 134 7/8 score, 1985 Central African Republic, CHRISTIAN DIDIERJEAN; average 98 score. RW’s: 52″, 1985 Central African Republic, LARRY CASEY, average 40″. CIC: 295.5 points. Central African Republic, Com. des Chasses; average 240 points.
Hunting methods: Stalking with trackers.
Remarks: Populations are decreasing due to uncontrolled hunting, especially in the West African distribution areas. More secure populations are to be found in Sudan? Predators include lions and wild dogs. More information required on population status and distribution.