Rotducker Cephalophus natalensis (A. Smith, 1834)


English: Red Forest Duiker; French: Céphalophe rouge; Kikuyu: ng’unu; Kiswahili: Funo; Maasai: erongo; Zulu: Impunzi, Uhluhlaga.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: From Somalia, Sudan south to Zimbabwe; Mozambique to Natal in South Africa, north-eastern Zaire, western Uganda, Tanzania.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: thick bush and dense woodlands on the plains and in the mountains; for all other data, see Rotflankenducker
Population status: Stable. Extinct in Malawi.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 11-14 kg
Head and body length: 80-100 cm
Tail length: 10-15 cm
Shoulder height: 35-45 cm
Gestation period: 7 1/2-8 months
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: Record SCI: 12 5/8 score, R.S.A. ABNER M. CLEMENTS; average 8 score. RW’s: 4 1/8″, 1970 Tanzania, J.H.M. NIBLETT; average 2 1/4″.
Hunting methods: With beaters and dogs, nets.
Remarks: subspecies not clear; HALTENORTH-DILLER recorded 5, (1977) and ANSELL 11 (1972): a revision needed; subspecies therefore omitted here.