Rotwolf Canis rufus (Audubon and Bachman, 1851)


English: Red Wolf; French: Loup rouge; Apache: ba’cho; Navajo; ma’iitsch.

Former distribution: USA, from central Texas east to the Atlantic coast; and from the Gulf coast north to Ohio and southern Pennsylvania.
Present distribution: Restricted areas in Texas and Louisiana coastal regions.
Behaviour: See Wolf
Population status: Endangered, probably extinct in the wild. Estimated numbers: Lower than 100.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 20-30 kg
Head and body length: 80-100 cm
Tail length: 35-45 cm
Shoulder height: 55-75 cm
Gestation period: 61-63 days
Maximum age: 12-16 years
Trophy: No records.
Hunting methods: Formerly with dogs, traps, and on horseback, now protected by law.
Remarks: The Red Wolf declined due to hunting and trapping – being a threat to livestock; breeding groups are held in the Points Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.