Rüssel-Dik-Dik Madoqua guntheri (Thomas, 1894)


English: Gunther’s Dik Dik; French: Dik-Dik de Gunther; Amharic: Yeguenther Enshoo; Kiswahili: Dikidiki, Saguya; Somali: Sokaro.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Northern Somalia to southern Ethiopia, central Kenya, south-eastern Sudan and north-eastern Uganda.
Population status: No records, probably stable.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 4-6 kg
Head and body length: 65-75 cm
Tail length: 3-5 cm
Shoulder height: 35-40 cm
Gestation period: 6 months
Maximum age: 3-4 years, 10 years in captivity
Trophy: Record SCI: 11 1/8 score, 1983 Sudan, CRESCENTE VERGARA; average 8 score. RW’s: 4 1/4″, 1961, Kenya, A.D. MASSO; average 2 1/2″.
Hunting methods: With beaters, dogs and nets.
Subspecies: 4
1. Madoqua g. guntheri, see species (Somalia and Ethiopia)
2. Madoqua g. wroughtoni (central Ethiopia)
3. Madoqua g. hodsoni (southern Ethiopia)
4. Madoqua g. smithi (northern Kenya)
Remarks: 4 subspecies of Madoqua guntheri in only one region may be doubtful; a revision of the classification and distribution is needed. The population status is also unknown but due to warfare and drought in Ethiopia, it must be feared that a drastic decrease of these dik diks may have occurred.