Schweinsdachs Arctonyx collaris (F. Cuvier, 1825)


English: Hog Badger; French: Blaireau cochon, Blaireau à collier; Thai: Mu Ring.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: All forest areas north of Beijing (Peking) and southern China to north-eastern India to Assam, Burma.
Behaviour: General habits, See Dachs
Population status: No records, perhaps stable.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 7-14 kg
Head and body length: 55-70 cm
Tail length: 15-17 cm
Shoulder height: No records
Gestation period: No records
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: Skull length 14.5 cm
Hunting methods: With dogs and digging out of the setts (burrows).
Remarks: Knowledge of their reproductive biology is very poor. Information on population status, behaviour and distribution required. Ferret Badgers (Melogale moschata) and (Melogale orientalis) are not taken into consideration because of the author’s definition that this species does not belong to the game category.