Tibetgazelle Procapra picticaudata (Hodgson, 1846)


English: Tibetan Gazelle; French: Gazelle du Tibet; Chinese: Zang-huang-yang; Tibetan: Goa, Ragao.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Xizang (Tibet) plateau to the Province of Qinghai (Tsinghai) south to Ladakh.
Behaviour: See Kropf-Gazelle
Population status: Stable in Xizang (Tibet) and Qinghai (Tsinghai).
Brief notes:
Body weight: 25-35 kg
Head and body length: 95-105 cm
Tail length: 5-10 cm
Shoulder height: 54-64 cm
Gestation period: Probably 5 1/2 months
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: Record RW’s: 14 1/8″, 1913 Ladakh, Sir EDMUND G. LODER Collection; average 11″.
Hunting methods: Stalking on horseback and camel, with dogs and eagles, with beaters.
Remarks: More information required on population status and distribution from Ladakh. SOKOLOV (1959) doubts that the Tibetan Gazelle’s distribution extends south to Ladakh, and east to Sichuan (Szechwan) and Shaanxi (Shensi).