Vikunja Vicugna vicugna (Molina, 1782)


English: Vicuna; French: Vigogne; Indian: Vicuna; Spanish: Vicuña.

Former distribution: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.
Present distribution: As Former distribution but no longer in Ecuador.
Behaviour: See Guanako
Population status: Stable. Total numbers: 80-90 000; Chile: 15 000 (BISMARCK 1989 in lit.), increasing.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 45-65 kg
Head and body length: 150-170 cm
Tail length: 12-16 cm
Shoulder height: 75-90 cm
Gestation period: 330-350 days
Maximum age: 15-20 years
Trophy: Not listed.
Hunting methods: The Vicuna is fully protected in Chile, Peru and Argentina.
Remarks: It is anticipated that the population will steadily increase, but good management and a control programme for annual cropping should be introduced without delay.