Afghanischer Fuchs Vulpes cana (Blanford, 1877)


English: Afghan Fox; French: Schardel; Pashto: Splem Geedar.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Eastern Iran (province Chorassan); Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Sind in India, and Turkmeniya in south-western USSR.
Behaviour: See Rotfuchs
Population status: No records available, probably endangered.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 3-4 kg
Head and body length: 40-50 cm
Tail length: 30-40 cm
Shoulder height: 26-28 cm
Gestation period: 51-53 days
Maximum age: 10 years
Trophy: Skull length 9.1 cm, width 5.1 cm; CIC: 14.2 points.
Hunting methods: With dogs, traps and eagles.
Remarks: The Afghan Fox is the smallest of species of the genus. Very little known about its biology. More information on population status, behaviour and distribution welcome.