Arabischer Tahr Hemitragus jayakari (Thomas, 1894)


English: Arabian Tahr; French: Tahr d’Arabie.

Former distribution: Oman and south-eastern Arabian Peninsula.
Present distribution: Northern Oman: Musandam Peninsula, Jebel Akhdar Hajar ash Sharqi area, Jebel Haft, Hajar al Gharbi on the border of Oman and Abu Dhabi.
Behaviour: See Nilgiri-Tahr
Population status: Endangered. Estimated numbers: Less than 2000.
Brief notes: See Nilgiri-Tahr, but smaller.
Trophy: Record RW’s: 12 1/4, 1976 Oman, PRINCE ABDORREZA; average 10″.
Hunting methods: Formerly by stalking; now protected by law.
Remarks: The threats to survival include competition from domestic goats, poaching, limited water holes. More information on population status, distribution and behaviour required.