Chacco-Pekari Catagonus wagneri (Rusconi, 1930)


English: Chacoan Peccary; French: Pecari de Chaco; Portugese (Brazil): Porco de mato; Spanish: Javelina.

Former distribution: As now.
Present distribution: Bolivia, northern Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil?
Behaviour: See Halsbandpekari
Population status: Vulnerable. No records.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 30-45 kg
Head and body length: 95-120 cm
Tail length: 5-10 cm
Shoulder height: 55-70 cm
Gestation period: No records
Maximum age: No records
Trophy: No records.
Hunting methods: Stalking, with beaters, dogs.
Remarks: Reasons for decrease include habitat destruction and intense hunting pressure. These animals are the main source of meat for the local people.