Zwergwildschwein Sus salvanius (Hodgson, 1857)


English: Pigmy Hog; French: Sanglier nain; Nepal: Bahm purke Sungur, Sano-banel; Tamil: panri; Tibetan: Phak Chu Chung.

Former distribution: The foothills of the Himalayas from Nepal to Assam; Sikkim, Bhutan.
Present distribution: As formerly.
Behaviour: Preferred habitat: restricted to the high grass savannas; they are omnivorous, active diurnally and at twilight, living in small groups of 5-20. Predators include tigers, leopards and dholes.
Population status: Endangered; no records. Nearly became extinct due to increasing settlement and cultivation of the savanna lands.
Brief notes:
Body weight: 6-10 kg
Head and body length: 55-70 cm
Tail length: 3-5 cm
Shoulder height: 28 cm
Gestation period: 100 days
Maximum age: 10-12 years
Trophy: Tusk: no records.
Remarks: More information required on behaviour, population status and distribution.